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 Breathwork; A Healing Modality

As facilitated by Amy Joy

We have all experienced pain at some point in our lives. Some pain has come and gone without having left an imprint on us, while others have scarred us and left wounds. These painful reminders of our past hold power over us. They keep us stuck in fear avoiding the same or similar circumstances from happening again. 

Healing our "open wounds," accepting & integrating all parts of ourself (even the messy parts & our imperfections) this is what is meant when we use the word "heal."  Becoming whole is the first step on the path to living a life that is free and empowered. This is the first step to maximizing our true potential.

There are many ways to reconcile trauma and heal past wounds. The most effective way I have experienced is through the energetic, release technique of Breathwork. With Breathwork you will clear your energy & feel more like the REAL you. 

If this sounds like the medicine your soul has been craving join me at my next virtual Breathwork circle. 


Embody your wholeness through healing and integration

Breathwork is a beautiful healing modality that effectively moves stagnant energy. The beauty of it is that you do not have to consciously know where you are stuck and what is holding you back. You don’t have to know what energy needs to be fixed. By simply breathing, everything will begin to heal & integrate.

Be Self Aware
& Authentic

The true you is wanting to shine!

It’s as if the increased oxygen flow comes in and barrels through the old dusty cobwebs in your brain and brings the light in with it. Suddenly, conscious connections are made; you know what is missing from the relationship you’ve been in…You can make sense of the power struggle you’ve been having at work, and you are no longer afraid to speak your voice.

with Spirit

 Try the Re-Connection Retreat

These are typical examples of the kinds of discoveries that happen when instantaneous connections are made bringing what has been stored in the subconscious to conscious light. Old suppressed emotions come to the surface to be felt, processed and released.  The result is a knowing of your true self and an undeniable connection with Spirit.

Be Self Confident 
& Empowered

The Radiant Soul Woman 

Breathwork is one of the most effective tools for removing energy blockages and uprooting suppressed emotion. Wherever you are stuck; be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, Breathwork has the power to resolve it.  It will help you to heal your past, shed your stories.  Who would you be if you had nothing to fear?  Are you ready to find out?

Attend Our Next Breathwork Healing Circle
w/Amy Joy

Monthly Live Breathwork Circles (Online)

Join me in an intimate group of breathers as we breathe together live in a virtual breathwork gathering.

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This is an interactive workshop, please come on time & plan to be on camera. We want to see your beautiful face! :-)

See you soon!

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